Workshop: “Grotius’ Contribution to Commercial and Maritime Law”

Workshop, Tilburg, 10 February 2023
Location: room S8, campus Tilburg University, Warandelaan 2, 5037 AB Tilburg, Netherlands

Hugo Grotius is well known for his paramount importance in international law, but his writings were concerned with (private) commercial and maritime law as well. During the past decades, Grotius’ expertise in these areas has not received the attention which it deserves. Also, it remains largely unclear to what extent Grotius’ views changed the law and legislation with regard to commercial and maritime issues, in and outside the Dutch Republic. This is remarkable considering that the opinions of Grotius in these domains were often not in line with the legal scholarship of his day (that is, the ius commune). Moreover, it is an open question to what extent Grotius’ writing resonated with concepts and rules on commercial and maritime topics, as developed by the School of Salamanca or in the scholastic tradition. A closer analysis of Grotius as a private lawyer can greatly contribute to understanding the law in the 17th century, and will shed light on the interactions between ius gentium literature and the doctrinal tradition of private law. 


12h coffee and sandwiches

12h45 Welcome

12h50-13h30 Keynote lecture prof. Giacomo Todeschini (FU Berlin), “Grotius and the Scholastics”

13h30-13h45 coffee break

13h45-14h30 dr Vincent van Hoof (Radboud University of Nijmegen), “Grotius’s Contribution to the Law of Secured Credit””

14h30-15h15 prof. Wouter Druwé (KU Leuven), “Representation in Business: Grotius and the Ius Commune Tradition”

15h15-15h30 coffee break

15h30-16h15 dr Edda Frankot (Nord University), “Grotius and Maritime Contractual Relations“

16h15-17h00 prof. Dave De ruysscher (Tilburg University, VUB), “The Liability of Shipowners and Limited Liability of Investors: Assessing Grotius’ Contribution”

17h00-17h45 dr Maurits den Hollander (Tilburg University), “Grotius and Insolvency”

Attendance is free, preliminary registration is required, at .

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