Grotiana, New Series

The journal Grotiana, New Series was launched in 1980. It is the continuation of the Grotiana yearbook of which ten volumes appeared between 1917 and 1947. The journal is devoted to all kinds of academic studies on the life and works, as well as legacies of Grotius. It also contains a bibliography of Grotius editions and relevant secondary literature. Over the last two decades, there have been thematic issues, often collecting papers from international conferences organised under the auspices of the Grotiana Foundation.

The journal is published by the Dutch publishing house Brill. Its current editors-in-chief are Hans Blom and Mark Somos.

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Table of contents of the latest issue, Grotiana, New Series 41 (2020), including hyperlinks:

– Wim de Cock, Hugo Grotius’s Views on Consent, Contract and the Christian Commonwealth – Introductory Remarks,1–12.
– Orazio Condorelli, Grotius’s Doctrine of Alliances with Infidels and the Idea of Respublica Christiana, 13-39.
– Giovanni Chiodi, The Binding Force of Unilateral Promises in the Ius Commune before Grotius, 40-58.
– Sören Koch, Grotius’s Impact on the Scandinavian Theory of Contract Law, 59-87.
– Paolo Astorri, Grotius’s Contract Theory in the Works of His German Commentators: First Explorations, 88-107.
– Sydney Penner, Making Use of the Testimonies: Suárez and Grotius on Natural Law, 108-136.
– Mark Somos and Joshua Smeltzer, Vitoria, Suárez, and Grotius: James Brown Scott’s Enduring Revival, 137–162.
– Christoph Stumpf, Consent and the Ethics of International Law Revisiting Grotius’s System of States in a Secular Setting, 163-176.
– Ivo Cerman, Nicolaus Ignaz Königsmann: Natural Law in Prague Before 1752, 177-197.
– Jan Stievermann, Admired Adversary: Wrestling with Grotius the Exegete in Cotton Mather’s Biblia Americana (1693–1728), 198-235.
– Tom Sparks, Territorial Sovereignty: A Philosophical Explorationwritten by Anna Stilz, 237–245.
– Joke Spaans, Hugo Grotius’ Remonstrantie of 1615. Facsimile, Transliteration, Modern Translations and Analysis,written by David Kromhout and Adri Offenberg, 246–250.
– Sina Ruauschenbach, Die politischen Gesetze des Mose: Entstehung und Einflüsse der politia-judaica-Literatur in der Frühen Neuzeitwritten by Markus M. Totzeck, 251–254.