The Grotiana Foundation (Stichting Grotiana) is an academic foundation whose activities are devoted to fostering the study of the life, works and legacies of the Dutch polymath Hugo Grotius (1583-1645). The Foundation was formed in 1979 from the merger of three pre-existing Dutch Grotius societies: the Foundation for the Editions of the Works of Grotius, founded in 1917 by Cornelius Van Vollenhoven; the Foundation for the Furtherance of the Research into the Life and Works of Hugo Grotius, founded in 1949 by Jacob Ter Meulen; and the Grotius Seminary, founded in 1954 by Bart Landheer.

The Grotiana Foundation relaunched Grotiana. This series of yearbooks was first established by Van Vollenhoven’s Foundation in 1917. Between that year and 1947, ten volumes were published. Grotiana New Series became an academic journal which has been appearing quasi annually since 1980.